The activities of the Centre

The activities of the International Centre for Research in Human Development is based on an interdisciplinary approach, bringing together leading scientists and young researchers from different fields of study, e.g.: psychology, education, genetics, biology, linguistics, informatics, data science, neuroscience, etc.


International Laboratory for Cognitive Investigations and Behavioural Genetics

Created in 2011 on the Faculty of Psychology (TSU) because of the victory of TSU in the mega-grant competition (Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 220).


Centre for Science and Ethics

Created in 2021.


Center for Programme Evaluation and Knowledge Dissemination in Child Development

The center’s activities are aimed at integrating scientifically based knowledge about child development into educational practice and popularizing knowledge about child development.

Centre for science and education "Institute for Law and Ethics" (ILE, TSU)

It brings together lawyers, scientists and politicians to work on the legal and ethical implications of genetics, including updating laws to protect individuals and ensure the fair use of genetic information.

Ethics Committee of Interdisciplinary Studies

The activity of the Ethics Committee are aimed at implementing the standards of research ethics accepted in science around the world: providing legal and psychological protection for all groups involved in the research in the process of scientific work – participants, researchers, scientific institutions, foundations, with the popularization of the obtained results.