International Centre for Research in Human Development (TSU)

It brings together leading scientists and young researchers from various fields of scientific knowledge in order to conduct
complex interdisciplinary research on the etiology of human development

MSc Programme

“Human Development: Genetics, Neuroscience and Psychology”


International Genetic Literacy and Attitudes Survey Legal and Ethical Edition

Международный опросник о генетической грамотности и отношении к генетике – Право и этика

International Centre for Research in Human Development (TSU)

International Centre for Research in Human Development was founded in 2014 as one of the centers of scientific excellence of TSU.

The activities are aimed at conducting international world-class research, enabling research activities of young scientists, attracting scientists from all over the world to scientific and educational activities, integrating our research work into the world scientific community.


Obtaining and implementation new knowledge about human development, which will ensure positive development at all stages of human life.

Our Team

The activities of the International Centre for Research in Human Development is based on an interdisciplinary approach, bringing together leading scientists and young researchers from different fields of study, e.g.: psychology, education, genetics, biology, linguistics, informatics, data science, neuroscience, etc.

Our Goals


knowledge to improve the quality of life and well-being of people and are necessary in educating children of all ages, as well as continuous education of adults.


cognitive processes underlying human mental and linguistic activity in modern technological society


etiology of cognitive, motivational, emotional and physical aspects of human development


aspects of the mutual interaction of cognitive and lingual mechanisms in the human development according to the context of different social factors


 causal processes in human development throughout life.


the knowledge into educational practice, providing a positive start in the development of every child.


a scientific community of specialists from different fields of study on human development.


knowledge of human development

Ethics Committee of Interdisciplinary Studies  provides expertise and decides on the implementation of all scientific projects, planned in the International Centre for Research in Human Development.

The activity of the Ethics Committee are aimed at implementing the standards of research ethics accepted in science around the world: providing legal and psychological protection for all groups involved in the research in the process of scientific work – participants, researchers, scientific institutions, foundations, with the popularization of the obtained results.

For more effective research providing, has been created the Data Dictionary platform for key scientific projects >>>

The Accessible Genetics Consortium (TAGC) aims to share knowledge about genetics in an accessible form, based on ethical and legal norms, so that scientific discoveries in genetics can benefit everyone. To achieve this goal, the Consortium brings together the efforts of scientists, lawyers, journalists and state structures. 


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