MSc Programme

«Human Development:

Genetics, Neuroscience and Psychology»

Research Area

Genetic, neurobiological and social factors at different stages of human development. Patterns and individual differences in cognition, intelligence, personality, emotional and motivational space, psychological health and well-being, etc.


«PSYCHOLOGY»​ 37.04.01


Full-time with distance learning



Target audience

Undergraduate’s, specialist’sa and master’s degrees, as well as psychology, biology, mathematics, computer science, linguistics, teachers, medicine experts.

Programme Director

Yulia Kovas, director of the International Laboratory for Interdisciplinary Research on Individual Differences in Learning (InLab) Goldsmiths, University of London (UK); Director of the International Centre for Research in Human Development (TSU).

Unique benefits of the MSc Programme

  • Interdisciplinary science communication
  • Leading Russian and foreign scientists in our educational and research team
  • Research practice throughout the period of studying
  • Research infrastructure (equipment, world-class research projects)

Benefits of the MSc Programme

The language of the educational program is English – for the integration into the world scientific community. At the same time, the program contains forms of russian language support of the educational process.

Modern promising research and educational fields

Experimental sites and modern equipment for molecular genetic, neurophysiological, cognitive and other experimental psychological research

Competitiveness of graduates in the world academic job market

Professional development for practitioners

Students and graduates

Instead of dry facts, the MSc Programme offers something more valuable: the skills of search for information, the finding reliable sources, resistance to reductionism.

Also the programme gave us a lot of opportunities: practice with international researchers, participation in international research projects, visiting foreign universities, real contribution to science. With the programme I could visit Goldsmiths and find an excellent job as a junior research assistant. I believe this program is a great opportunity to find yourself for researchers of any field.

Elina Tsigeman, Russia

MSc graduate

I was truly happy when I found out that I was accepted. Interdisciplinarity and focusing on international cooperation made it possible to meet the leading scientists from all over the world. The opportunity to study the latest advances and cutting-edge technologies in the fields of behavioral genetics, neurobiology and psychology was my dream. The International Centre and MSc programme have created various mechanisms to ensure the development of the academic practice of each student.

Aremu Stephen Olaide, Nigeria

MSc student, 2nd grade

I entered the programme in 2016 and I have learned how to analyze thoughts using EEG, how to give a lecture about statistics, how to make friends at a european research conference, how to make and publish a research article, how to apply for a grant, how to convince someone to participate in a psychological experiment, how to work on a project with a manager from Oxford, how to find out what you need to know, and most importantly, how science works. I didn’t became a scientist, but now I understand my interests and opportunities. Now I my job is Data Scientist in St. Petersburg. 

Elizaveta Bezrukova, Russia

MSc graduate

I decided to become a student again at 56. I am a physicist by education. But I am interested in social psychology, creative thinking and the study of well-being. So I chose this program.

Oleg Lee, Russia

MSc graduate

I came from Iran. I was very interested in this interdisciplinary programme, because it combines different research areas, from genetics and neuroscience to psychology. My choice was determined not only by the high level of the university and the program, I came here also because I knew about the atmosphere of Tomsk, as a city of youth and students. I decided that this is a great opportunity to fulfill my old dream of living in Siberia.

Habib Nobaht, Iran

MSc graduate

I am absolutely sure that graduating this programme will give everyone a lot of opportunities to make themselves. The huge advantage is that the program is implemented entirely in English and we train with the best international practices.

Valeria Kozminykh, Russia

MSc graduate